Please Visit Stillwater Ripple

Visit Stillwater Ripple. It’s the place to go, and it’s better than this site. I didn’t feel comfortable with an eponymous website. It just seemed too…. well, it’s not me. I’ll just leave it there.

I want to look outward, not inward. I strive to move in the world, not apart from it.

The new domain name for my personal website and blog is So, the two blog posts I posted here are now there, and all the other pages got moved there, too.

Stillwater Ripple author Norm Leonard with wife Skye and children
Stillwater Ripple author Norm Leonard with Skye and their kids

When you visit Stillwater Ripple, the new and improved (and living) version of what used to be here, you’ll find a plethora thoughtful posts, helpful links, and pretty pictures. And, most importantly, the stuff you find there will be about the larger world – a celebration of and reflections on our shared experiences, our common human condition. Sure, it’s still about me insofar as the thoughts and ideas there originate in my heart and mind. But, the sort of navel gazing implied by an eponymous website are, I hope, not there.

The world is a beautiful place. People are basically good. Each one of us is unique and worthy of recognition. And, when we work together to hold each other up, to advocate for one another – even strangers – the things we share take on a deeper meaning. They become more significant. When you visit Stillwater Ripple, these themes are first and foremost, and the topic of Norm Leonard, the author of all this stuff, is less evident. And that’s as it should be.

Look outward. See other people. Really try to see them – and hear them. Listen to their stories, find the joy in their words and give solace to their sorrow. Be compassionate. Strive to be kind. Be present. These things take more strength than being dismissive, cold, or unfeeling. Sure, I get that these are hard things to do, but ultimately the most worthwhile things we ever do.

Live with intent. Be present. Practice gratitude.