Stillwater Ripple

Stillwater Ripple

My site is called Stillwater Ripple. It’s better than this site.

But, since you’re here, perhaps I can direct you to the information you’re seeking. Read the blurbs below to find my sites about conservation ecology, science help, photography, and internet help for small businesses.

I Am Norm Leonard

Having an eponymous website is weird. It feels too grandiose, too self-aggrandizing for my tastes. It’s not me, and doesn’t reflect what I’m about.

Rather than looking inward, I want to look out that world.

Stillwater Ripple author Norm and son Wolfie paddleboarding near Jekyll Island, GA

Where’s My Stuff? Go To Stillwater Ripple.

Check out the sites listed below for information about me, my various projects, and other stuff I like.

My personal page is called Stillwater Ripple.

There’s a really great song called Ripple that encourages us to “ripple in still waters, where no pebble’s tossed and no wind blows.” The idea is that we need to make our way in the world, to stand up for what we believe is right and true. We need to speak our truths, even if our voices crack and we shake like a leaf in a hurricane. These ideas are central to my identity, so I adopted a variation of the song’s lyrics for the title of my personal website and blog.

Stillwater ripple author Norm Leonard wife Skye and dogs Xander and Sophie on Blood Mountain in Georgia
My wife, Skye, with my dogs, Xander and Sophie at the top of Blood Mountain, GA ( May ’19)

Conservation Stuff

One of the most important things I do – and possibly my favorite – is promoting conservation literacy through Southeast Ecology.

This endeavor is about my passion for taking care of this beautiful, amazing planet we inhabit. It’s about helping people get along with and be a part of the natural world. Reintegrating humanity with its habitat. Caring. Loving – Love of nature, love of the outdoors, love of themselves, and love of others.

I’m an Educator

Stillwater ripple author Norm Leonard runs Help With Science - this is the logo
Help With Science logo

Norm Leonard the educator is, quite honestly, present in everything I do these days. I enjoy teaching, and I love the “Aha!” moments I witness when I help people. That happens when I’m talking to a group or working with a client through Help With Science.

Sometimes I Take Pictures

Stillwater Ripple is a place for me to document the transformations in my life, and what better way to do that than with pictures? My photography business, Metamorphosis Photography is…. well, it’s a hobby, really, and I learned to treat it like a business for financial expediency. I occasionally sell photos, and I have aspirations to publish a few of them some day. However, I really just enjoy playing with cameras and composition. Like many artists, the art is for me. I hope you like the images, but it’s quite alright with me if you don’t. Heck, I don’t even like all of them. But I do like this one:

Stillwater ripple author Norm Leonard took this photo of sunset over the southern Appalachians in Dawson County, GA
Sunset over Georgia’s Appalachian Mountains somewhere on the Benton MacKaye Trail in Dawson County, GA

My favorite/best photos are posted on my Flickr account, and you can also find information about Metamorphosis Photography on my personal site, Stillwater Ripple.

IT and Social Media For Small Businesses

Check me out on The Net Side Of Things for help with small business IT stuff.

I’m a self-taught web designer and social media manager. My skills aren’t nearly as good as what you’ll find if you contract with a bigger firm whose only business is making the Internet work for you. However, my skills are better than your average small business owner, and FAR more affordable than what you’ll pay the big dogs. Check out my business website at The Net Side Of Things for more information.